Our reports are tailored to address our clients' needs, whether it be of a personal or business nature. Every report is generated manually by our team of medieval astrologers and you are likely to have input from two or more astrologers on every report. As these reports are custom-written, considerable time and effort goes into the accurate calculation, delineation and interpretation of the horoscope or elective charts.

What you can expect is a thorough analysis of all aspects in the astrological chart, as pertains to the report type and reports vary in length, with Life Reports in excess of 60-70 pages. More information on what is contained in each report can be found by following the link to the Shop below.

Reports available from Virgin Astrology

1. Your Life Report $2,200
2. Business/Company
3. Staff Reports (for placements)
4. Your Yearly Reports
5. Your monthly Reports (members only)  
6. Your Partner
7. Your Financial Status
8. Electional Reports       (members only)  
9. Children
10. Matchmaking (personal/business) (members only)
11. Personal consultation with in-house astrologer $150-300/hr
12. Spiritual Reports


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